M&A Wood, Crow Edge. 

-Site Visit

-Complete and Detailed Quote 

-All Manufactured off Site before any concrete laid

-Detailed Post Plan Supplied to Groundworker 


‘We would highly recommend GST Fabrication Ltd and John Roberts (groundworks) for their excellent service’ – Michael Wood

Late in 2018 work started on preparing the new sheep building ready for the 2019 lambing season. We looked at a couple of manufacture for gates, feed barriers and walk-through troughs etc. all of whose products were good. We then looked at a neighboring farmers sheep feeding equipment from GST Fabrication Ltd which we were very impressed with.

A site visit was arranged with GST to discuss our requirements for the building layout. The first priority was ease of use and functionality. The second requirement was when the building was not in use for sheep, all the equipment could be efficiently removed leaving a clear floor space. This was done by setting the posts in sockets concreted into the building floor.

The final requirement was to incorporate into the design some existing walk through feed troughs already on site. GST Fabrication Ltd. designed the layout, gave a competitive quote and a realistic delivery date

In the meantime, a local man John Roberts was employed to do ground works and concrete. John sourced, carted and compacted 400 tonnes of fill material. He then concreted the building in 3 stips running the length of the building leaving a 2’ 6 “ gap between the feed passage and bedding area in preparation for concreting the post sockets. Using the floor planning, John concreted the sockets in position.

The gates, posts and feed troughs arrived on time. Up until the delivery date, no posts, gates or troughs had been fitted in position prior to this. Next, we started putting the posts in, swinging the gates and putting walk-through troughs into position. Everything fitted first time spot-on with not one gate, post or trough having to be cut, welded, drilled or altered in any way.
We would highly recommend GST Fabrication Ltd. and John Roberts for their excellent service.